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                Hello fuckboy!


You made it!  You're most likely here because I've officially invited you to check out my little corner of the web or because you've been sleuthing around my Twitter and stumbled upon the link. If you've been here before and are looking for the link to buy exclusive access click here


Either way I'm excited you've come. If you're jonesing for an even more intimate look into my mind and an opportunity to

Now, whether or not we've officially connected via phone Skype etc, I'm fairly certain I know what's going on in your head right now.  You're thinking that I might be your dream girl.  Aside from really hot phone sex, you want a flirt who does the following:

- Gives you 100% of her attention each and every call.

- Is consistently enthusiastic and genuinely interested in what gets you off.

- And a flirt you can establish a long term relationship with, a flirt who fits you like a glove.  A flirt who is well versed in your desires and who pushed you deeper and deeper into your fantasies with each call.


You've told me yourself that it can be slim pickings out there. There's no question that there are some very talented and sexy Niteflirt operators around, but they're hard to find and connect with because they are so popular for all the same reasons I listed above.


I've been told by many callers that flirts often make lots of promises but lack the substance to back it up. I mention all these points not with the intention of knocking down other flirts, but to make the following point crystal clear:


I genuinely love watching and listening to you jerk off for me. I masturbate watching guys jerk off.  It's my personal kink!


Now, I consider myself dominant woman sexually.  I know what I like, I set the pace and the tone of the conversation.  My dominance reveals itself as a type of  confidence mixed with sheer sexual gratification.  


I will never be the stereotypical  spoiled brat diva who whines and withholds to get what she wants. I don't engage in over the top verbal abuse the whole: "You're my Bitch!" type approach isn't for me. Because in the end, it's just another bitch yelling at you. Wives, girlfriends and bosses can bark orders all day and you'll find their ranting goes in one ear and out the other. My approach is calm, confident and deliberate.  I can hold you captive with the most subtle change in my tone. 

My approach is to groom you and get you to a place where you've piqued my interest.  The end goal may be to turn you into such a perfect fuckboy that you've reached a new level. You love that I use you as my personal form of sexual entertainment.  You're happy to be used like a toy to make me cum and even willing to be my cam slut- performing for me until I cum.

See my "Specialities" section for more info about my specific kinks etc.  I go into some more detail about my own sexual tastes in my "Confessions and Thoughts" section as well.  Explore and have fun...

And again, welcome,


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